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I have severe arthritis in my hands and feet.

Massaging them with X-Celerel Cream followed by a cold TherapEze wrap has really improved my mobility and enabled me to do everyday things like make the bed. Ann P., Chandler, AZ

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photo_TherapEze Pad / extra large oval
TherapEze Pad / extra large oval

Price: $150.00

Ship Wt: 2.2

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photo_TherapEze Stretch Belt 18
TherapEze Stretch Belt 18

Price: $3.50

Ship Wt: .28

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photo_TherapEze/Eye Lid Soothers
TherapEze/Eye Lid Soothers

Price: $15.00

Ship Wt: .45

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photo_TherapEze All Purpose
TherapEze All Purpose

Price: $108.00

Ship Wt: 3.

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