After a 15 minute treatment with a cold Painaway Pro cryoTENS device and X-Celerel Cream.

I have severe arthritis in my hands and feet.

It was like walking on a cloud for the next 24 hours. Eddy K., TN

(The PainawayPro) When I travel, its like taking a chiropracter in my suitcase. Walt U., Tempe, AZ

"Over the past year by using X-Celerel, TherapEze and the PainawayPro (a CryoTENS device) for therapy on musculoskeletal pain in our nursing and rehab center,we have enabled most patients to effectively participate

"Our clinic has been using the TherapEze ice pads for six months now. The other two doctors and myself have been very pleased with the ice pads when providing physio-therapy for our patients."


photo_TherapEze/Eye Lid Soothers
TherapEze/Eye Lid Soothers

Price: $15.00

Ship Wt: .45

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photo_TherapEze Pad / extra large oval
TherapEze Pad / extra large oval

Price: $150.00

Ship Wt: 2.2

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photo_TherapEze Finger / Toe Cold Wraps
TherapEze Finger / Toe Cold Wraps

Price: $15.00

Ship Wt: .45

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photo_PainAwayPRO Wrap Style
PainAwayPRO Wrap Style

Price: $295.00

Ship Wt: 2.75

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