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photo_8 oz.  X-Celerel Therapeutic Massage Cream

8 oz. X-Celerel Therapeutic Massage Cream


Price: $40.

Ship Wt: 1.


Great savings 8 oz. X-Celerel - a penetrating Aloe Vera, MSM Therapeutic Massage Cream with amazing properties for deep tissue therapy as well as skin health. Liberaly rub it in where it hurts, and cold pack it with a TherapEze pad for enhanced relief. It can also be applied as an electrolyte to the electrodes of the PainawayPro device(aka CryoTENS)

Amazing Therapeutic Cream that works well with cold TherapEze pads and is great for skin health. Used with a liberal dose, X-Celerel Therapeutic Massage Cream has all of the wonderful properties of Aloe Vera and MSM with the added benefit of deep penetration when rubbed through the skin until dry. With application of a cold TherapEze pad after the X-Celerel massage, the speed of penetration and relief are greatly enhanced. It is being used by people with a variety of problems including neck, shoulder, back, hand, wrist, elbow, arm, leg, knee, and foot pain, skin burns, skin health issues, arthritis, bursitis, neuralgia, and fibromyalgia. This 8 oz size is the most economical and for people who use it over large areas of their body twice a day, it typically lasts a month.

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