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photo_PainAwayPRO Wrap Style

PainAwayPRO Wrap Style

SKU: CTN - 1003

Price: $295.00

Ship Wt: 2.75


Same shape and size as TherapEze All Purpose pad, the Wrap Style PainAwayPRO is very useful for wrapping limbs, back of neck etc. and contains electrodes for CryoTENS stimulation to dramatically relieve pain, inflammation and swelling. Includes 2 channel TENS unit.

Combine the PainAwayPRO with X-Celerel or X-Celerel+ for more effective Therapy where your body hurts. PainAwayPRO applied with X-Celerel products delivers comfortable, fast acting, long lasting pain relief when used as directed. Approximate size 7"x16".

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