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photo_TherapEze  small rectangle

TherapEze small rectangle

SKU: T-1163

Price: $93.50

Ship Wt: 2.2


This pad fits and works well in professional therapy hot water pad heaters. It works faster than ice pads or hot wet sand bags and doesn't deteriorate. Useful for many body part treatments, e.g. Back Pain, Leg Pain, Knee Pain, etc.

Small Soothing, Rectangular, Professional Cold and Hot Therapy Pad - Great for body coverage on Back, Leg, etc. TherapEze pads work great at relieving pain and inflammation unless too small a size is used. This pad will cover areas of the back and legs. For an enhanced effect, Rub X-Celerel into the affected area first.

Approximate size 6.5" x 11".

For most cases, X-Celerel cream is liberaly applied and rubbed in until dry, followed by a 15 minute application of cold TherapEze directly on the skin. TherapEze is typically stored in the freezer for pain and inflammation relief.

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photo_TherapEze / Cheek & TMJ Soother
TherapEze / Cheek & TMJ Soother

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TherapEze Pad / small oval

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TherapEze Pad / extra large oval

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TherapEze Pad / medium oval

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