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X-Celerel Massage/Cold TherapEze Treatment

In June of 2006, X-Celerel and TherapEze were demonstrated at the Minnisota Inventor's Congress EXPO, where 65 hurting members of the public tried the products.

Their complaints included mild, moderate and severe pain from conditions such as:

a fresh stress fracture of the wrist
chronic neck and shoulder injuries
arthritic knees
carpal tunnel syndrome affecting mobility of the hand and thumb
lower back and upper back disc injuries
arthritis of the hip
sciatic and femoral nerve pain
arm and leg muscle strains
elbow discomfort
Achilles tendon issues

Successful use of X-Celerel Massage followed by TherapEze for Treatment of Serious Foot Pain due to Tarsal Bone Damage

Combined X-Celerel Herbal Massage Therapy and Cold TherapEze Physical Therapy for Treatment of Pain and Inflammation in Severe Foot Condition

Successful Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Hand Pain with X-Celerel Massage followed by TherapEZE resulting in Complete Relief and Mobilization.

Combined X-Celerel Cream Massage and Cold TherapEze Used to Re-mobilize Stiff and Painful Thumb Joints on the Hand of a Professional Pianist.

Within 20 minutes 60 of the volunteers had most or all of their pain relieved.
One person, with deep knee pain, applied 2 treatments of X-Celerel and cold
TherapEze and noticed profound relief about 4 hours later, and reported the next day that he
still had relief.
The individual with a new stress fracture in his wrist also required two applications
and reported 60% relief in 40 minutes.
Where swelling was initially evident, there were noticible reductions.
Only one person reported no relief.

The numbers of people successfully treating themselves for pain caught the attention of a reporter who filed the following article:



Inventors show off solutions to some common problems -- and to some less frequently considered.

Dalton Walker, Star Tribune
Last update: June 09, 2006 – 9:58 PM

Deb Hess, executive director, has been a volunteer for 21 years at the Minnisota Inventors Congress. She said the expo provides valuable resources for inventors. "We have such a passion to help these inventors," she said. "They need this opportunity to test-market their products. It’s that one contact that could make a difference."

Demonstrations at MIC Exhibition

Clint Fruitman and his wife, Noel, drove 1,700 miles from Chandler, Ariz., to display their therapy pad and massage cream. As Green did 20 years ago, they hope to expand their product to a larger market.

Fruitman said he has worked on his inventions since March 2004, driven by the desire to help his wife deal with pain caused by diabetes. Her diabetes was diagnosed when she was 8, and now at 62 she wears braces on both feet and has constant swelling late in the day.

"I had to do something," Fruitman said. "I was desperate. My wife couldn’t walk."

His wife uses both products regularly and said the cold-pack pads reduce her pain dramatically.

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