Clint Fruitman, inventor CELERITY NATURAL REMEDIES is a company of affiliates from both the medical and engineering fields, all of whom have or deal with pain on a daily basis. Our inventions employ common sense natural and physical treatment approaches that are inherently good for people. They utilize applications of modern technology combined with some of the best and oldest remedies ever found in Nature, yet when used correctly, are surprisingly effective for improving comfort and function of joints, swollen tissue, nerves, muscles and injuries. This approach is is being found useful for both chronic and acute conditions.

Mission Statement: Just like death and taxes, physical pain is something that everybody has to deal with at one time or another. Whether from injuries, or chronic conditions, Celerity's philosophy is that while pain is an important physiological survival mechanism, its benefits are often outweighed by its various costs. Within this website are concepts, methods and unique products that can enable your understanding and ability to manage your pain or that of a loved one.

Company History: The story behind the creation of X-Celerel & TherapEze.

This company was started in 2004 as a partnership between a Phoenix Chiropractor and a Biomedical Engineer with an intense effort to develop a more effective method of treating moderate to extreme pain. After 2 years of development and testing the result was PainAwayPRO, a device that is powerfully pain reducing and anti-inflammatory. Results form a lengthly clinical trial demonstrated that this device has the potential to offer significantly longer and more potent relief than other physical therapy pain relief devices. Data and a limited number of these devices are available through this website with the consent of your doctor or physical therapist. Chiropractors and Physical Therapists who have used TherapEze and PainAwayPRO have had amazing success in managing various types of their patients' pain (Links).

It turned out that the amazing new material, from which the PainAwayPRO was made, has remarkable hot and cold therapy benefits. As a hot pad it works faster than the professional wet type steam sandbags. Now known as TherapEze in a cold pad mode, it is even more effective in treating pain. Faster than conventional ice or hydrogel bags, it is placed from the freezer directly on the skin, yet within a few seconds the soothing nature of this material makes it feel great. After about five minutes, people are oftened fooled into thinking the pad has warmed up, yet when they start to remove it they notice that the skin is wonderfully cool and the pad is still cold to the touch of their hands.

In April of 2006, a catastrophic event happened to the wife of the inventor. She developed rapid and severe degradation in the small bones of her feet - Charcot Neuropathy, a disease common to diabetics. She was placed in foot braces and had difficulty in standing. The inventor, having had a background in the pharmaceutical industry, formulated some well known natural compounds into a remarkable penetrating massage cream. By using the cream and cold TherapEze treatments, six weeks later she attended the Minnesota Inventors Congress show. She was on her feet for three days, giving demonstrations to people with pain, (Public Exhibition at the Minnisota Inventors Congress). Now known as X-Celerel, it is proving to have remarkable effects on skin health as well as being routinely used for therapy in combination with cold TherapEze.

(PLEASE NOTE: One of our affiliates, Dr. Michael Dershowitz of the Southwest Foot Institute is one of America's leading experts in surgical correction and management of Neuropathy, Charcot Foot and other degenerative foot disorders. CLICK THIS LINK FOR PEOPLE WITH SEVERE FOOT DISORDERS Southwest Foot Institute).

Thank you for visiting with us and we hope you will find our site helpful in getting the relief you seek.


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TherapEze Pad / medium oval

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photo_2 oz. X-Celerel Plus Therapeutic Massage Cream
2 oz. X-Celerel Plus Therapeutic Massage Cream

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TherapEze small rectangle

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TherapEze/Eye Lid Soothers

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